What’s Up At The Garden

CIMG0871.JPGApproximately 45 days ago I accepted an offer from IBM to become a Cloud Advisor. Many people have asked me why would I do this with my consultancy taking off? As a sole practitioner it’s easy to be pigeon-holed into doing the same kind of engagement over and over. IBM software and SaaS products have been a big part of some of the most interesting solutions I’ve designed.¬† So when the opportunity to become an advocate, evangelist and total fan girl for both cloud computing and the most current business technologies (cognitive, analytics, IoT, DevOps to name a few) that leverage the cloud came along, I jumped. ¬†There are very few times in your life when the opportunity comes along to be paid for doing stuff that you get deep satisfaction from with people you really like for a company with a proud history and great future. (Plus, I work from home.)

So, what’s going to happen to the Garden of The Intellect? Going forward this is where I’ll be writing about non-technology interests and also any technology topics that don’t have a home in other venues. Those other interests include gardens, food, dogs, fancy cocktails, books, and general observations.